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Atom Spectra questions
01.05.21 02:21
Atom Spectra questions

I recently purchased a spectrometer adapter for my phone and tablets, but I'm having some real difficulties.

My phone is a Samsung SM-J320A, and while examining the output of the device using Sound Oscilloscope, I can see pulses coming from a source (Americium from an old smoke detector), but they don't register on either Atom Spectra or Smart Geiger. The pulses range from twice the background noise level to significantly more, although most are between 3-6 times the background.

I tried to load the latest version of Atom Spectra on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3), but it won't load. (Smart Geiger loaded but wont detect either.)

Do you have instructions (not the help file) on setting up Atom Spectra so it would work? Maybe a user's manual in PDF?