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Bug fixes for Lenovo, Leagoo etc. in v1.07
30.03.15 22:59


Bug fixes for Lenovo, Leagoo etc. in v1.07

AtomTag v1.07 was released today night.
Major reason for this release is different logic of work of Bluetooth Low Energy for different Android builds.

Sony, HTC, Samsung, Yotaphone, Explay request additional scan data just after they receive the main scan data portion. These phones correctly read device name independently of its placement in described data portions. AtomTag transmit some useful info in the main scan data, like dosepower, temperature and battery state. This info may be used to see device work without pairing and connection. For example, scanning with integrated Android utility shows devices with names like "AtomTag 0.102uSv/h", where dosepower is dynamically renewed each two seconds.
All aforementioned phones work with AtomTag properly!

Some phones, for example Lenovo S850 and Leagoo Lead 3 cannot read device name from main scan data. Moreover, they cannot see any from main scan record via BLE API! These phones show only IEEE-address when you scan Bluetooth devices by means of integrated Android scaner. In AtomTag software, where standard BLE API functions are used, we obtain null-pointer exception for the device name in v1.06 and earlier. Only one possibility to resolve device name is to pair AtomTag by means of Android pairing utility. Android OS make connection to device at pairing stage and read DeviceName from standard BLE DevInfo Service ("AtomTag", without dosepower info), not from scan records! After pairing we can work with device correctly in all modes.

The software v1.07 has exceptions handling for null-pointer exceptions and offers pairing if it is necessary to further work. We can't see some info at scanning stage (battery, temperature, dosepower) on "buggy" phones. We need to pair device before to use it. But no other differences!

Edited 30.03.15 20:00