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AtomTag is Geiger-Müller counter based dosimeter which uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology  

 General features

  • lightweght and compact size, <26 g, 112x24x14 mm
  • power efficient, >2 month between charges typically; charging by USB takes 1 hour
  • designed to work continuously in paired state and standalone mode - power consumption is always low
  • moderate sensitivity, better than some analogues
  • 0.1 R/h intensity limit; higher values causes overload flag setting but device never be blinded
  • vibrational and sound responses for particles allow you to feel radiation; very useful feature in search mode; vibration is spectacular
  • sophisticated and flexible Bluetooth Low Energy profile which allows to use many features; the device is really smart!
  • many devices can work with one smartphone simultaneously; the more devices the more precision

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If you have any questions or proposals concerning AtomTag, please contact me (Android App, Embedded Software developer and this web site owner) or Maxim Koshelev (Chief Engineer, the Project Supervisor, director of design office "RADAR"), skype: max818181, e-mail: im81.max@gmail.com

Short review

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